Q - What’s the difference between one camera shoot and multiple camera shoot?
A - One camera can capture the main action of the event however you don’t have
reverse shot for the guests to capture their reactions and other unexpected moments.
One thing more, even the best videographer can give you the best shot but can’t
control the best angle of the subject during live action shoots. By using multiple
camera (recording at the same time) this can overcome by putting them in the
strategic positions. 

Q - How will you be dressed at the wedding?
A - It is important that we fit in with the atmosphere of your wedding. We will
dress professionally wearing dress clothes with ties unless you want something

Q - Are you unobtrusive?
A - Your wedding is about you and your groom. Our job is to capture the
moment, not be in the moment. We will make sure to capture the right angles
while making sure that we are not in the way.

Q - Will the shoot interfere with the proceedings in any way?
A - We will definitely make sure to not interfere with the proceedings. We
make sure that we stand and film from locations that capture the details but
don't get in the way.

Q - Do you work with the photographer to ensure mutual cooperation?
A - Absolutely, it is important that both the photographer and the
videographer work together. We have an understanding that the photographer
has the right away when it comes to capturing the wedding and we make sure
to do our best to keep out of their way.

Q - What type of equipment do you use?
A - We are using High Definition cameras. These cameras are the same with most TV
networks are using for news gathering. our Editing Machines and software are for
broadcast video, being used by most television networks today.

Q - What type of lighting will you use?
A - Usually, we do not use lights during wedding (which sometimes becomes obstructions). 
Our cameras are light sensitive, can capture the subject at night.

Q - Do you bring backup equipment with you?
A - Yes. to make sure there are no problems.

Q - Do you visit the ceremony and reception sites before the wedding?
A - Yes, we come to the rehearsal to make sure that we know the procedure
so that we can do our job the best that we can and determine what extra
equipment we need aside from camera.

Q - Do you edit the video?
A - We edit the footages taken from cameras. During editing, we are going
to select shot of every scene from the 3 cameras if which is the best of the best
angle shots.

Q - Who keeps the raw footage?
A - We keep raw footage on the computer but after months, we are
going to erase the footages to free the disk. 

Q - When will I receive the final product?
A - The final product will be delivered to you after a month unless it is
needed earlier.

Q - What is the payment policy?
A - We ask for a $100 minimum down payment to reserve the day and monthly
payments of $100 until the package price is paid off. Left over balance is due
on the day of the wedding.

Q - Any additional fees?
A - There are no hidden charges and additional fees may apply to additional